About us

The Plant School continues to specialise in what it does best – combining students who love their plants with knowledgeable professional enthusiasts who are keen to share their interest in plants. Students on all courses are able to broaden their understanding of how plants prefer to grow and how they interact with their surroundings.

Lecturers this year on the courses have included Roy Lancaster, Tony Kirkham, John Anderson, Glynn Percival, John Fielding, Marina Christopher, Christopher Ireland-Jones, Ken Thomson, Jonathan Jones, Alex Valsecchi, Maarten Christenhusz, Simon Charlesworth, Henry Oakley, Caroline Holmes, and Michael Marriott. Many head gardeners with a vast knowledge of the plants they grow have also contributed greatly to the courses at The Plant School.

Courses run once a month in all subjects and this fits in well with students following other activities or who may live further afield. This year students have come from all parts of Great Britain.

The Plant School Tours are an important educational part of the school and enable students to observe plants in natural habitats all over the world.

Plas Cadnant on the Isle of Anglesey

The Plant School Students

A large number of students on all courses are garden designers wishing to extend their ‘palette’ of plants while others are aiming at becoming professional photographers, writers for gardening magazines or gardeners wanting to know more about plants. Some students have already set up their own businesses and come to the plants school to extend their contacts and knowledge on sourcing interesting and specialist plants.

Students do not require any previous qualifications to enrol but they must have a love of plants. Depending on the course, previous knowledge may be at beginner level or more extensive.

Director of Courses

Rosemary Campbell-Preston B.Sc (Hons.) comes from a keen gardening family, Waterers, who were involved in finding and breeding plants, notably Rhododendron. She has a honours degree in Plant Sciences from Wye College (University of London).

Rosemary is a member of The Woody Plant Committee for the Royal Horticultural Society and the International Dendrology Society, is chairman of ADRIA and has lectured widely, including in the USA.

Rosemary Campbell-Preston B.Sc (Hons.), Director of Courses at The Plant School