The Plant School Tours

Learning from observing plants in their natural habitats

Students on The Drakensberg Plant Tour 2019

These tours have been organised specifically to back up the lectures at The Plant School and students from the courses will get preferential places.

Throughout the tours the students are accompanied by expert horticulturists or botanists. Students study the natural habitats of plants in temperate climates and develop an understanding of the conditions the plants have evolved in. This leads to a better insight into growing plants in their own gardens.

Successful tours have been completed to the Rome region studying the indigenous plants and visiting world famous gardens including Ninfa and Torrecchia. There have been tours to Crete, The French Riviera, The Cape region of South Africa and the Drakensberg. The tours aim to improve our understanding and learning about the plants that come from these areas so improving the way we grow them in our gardens in Britain.

A successful Drakensberg Plant Tour was completed in January 2019. A tour to South America is proposed for 2021.